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SI3R Diaper Rally

Newest Community Outreach Event

graphic that reads "Annual Diaper Rally, Helping women on baby bottom at a time."

Soroptimist International of Three Rivers is a huge supporter of local organizations that distribute diapers to Moms and their kids. It’s a cause that’s been near and dear to our hearts for years. So recently, we took our support to a new level with as annual diaper rally.

What's a diaper rally, you ask?

It’s a special day where SI3R members rally together to spread even more good throughout the community!

Picture collage of women loading boxes of diapers into a truck then distributing them to local organizations that support local families

Our First Diaper Rally Event!

In preparation for the big event, SI3R members sourced diapers in a variety of sizes and had them delivered. Then, we loaded up all the boxes and went on the road.

During our inaugural event on October 20, 2023, we delivered 10,000 diapers to four local community outreach programs that distribute this essential necessity to local families throughout the ever-growing Mid-Columbia area. 

Big job? You betcha. Fun day? Nothing better. Need fulfilled? We sure hope so.

Our first outing was so successful that we've added it to our "do good" calendar as an annual event.

That's because we are committed to providing opportunities for local women and girls so they are empowered to shape their future.

Rally on!


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