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About SI of Three Rivers

Established in 2002, Soroptimist International of Three Rivers (SI3R) is part of a global volunteer organization that has advocated for women's empowerment since 1921.


We work to improve the lives of Mid-Columbia women and girls through programs that lead to social and economic empowerment. Our club is passionately involved in fundraising to provide educational assistance, programs for esteem-building, career coaching and mentoring, anti-human trafficking efforts and much more.


SI3R members love living in the Tri-Cities. We strive to be women of influence among our peers to better serve those in need throughout the community. We work hard together and we also have fun together. We balance our business activities with social gatherings for members to mingle and unwind.

We pledge allegiance to Soroptimist and to the ideals for which it stands:

The sincerity of friendship,

The joy of achievement,

The dignity of service,

The integrity of profession,

The love of country.

We will put forth our greatest efforts to promote, uphold and defend these ideals for a larger fellowship

in home, in society, in business, for country and for God.

Our Pledge

Our Mission

We work to empower women and girls every day.

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Our Vision

We provide opportunities

for Mid-Columbia women and girls so they are empowered to shape their future.

Our Core Values

Gender Equality

Women and girls live free from discrimination.


Women and girls are free to act in their own best interest.


Women and girls deserve to lead full and productive lives through access to education.

Diversity & Fellowship

Women from varied background and perspectives work together to improve the lives of women and girls.  

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We Need Your Support Today!

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