Our Projects

Soroptimist International of Three Rivers is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in the Tri-Cities through esteem building programs, skills workshops, and anti-trafficking campaigns. Check out some of our ongoing projects. 
Dream It, Be It

Dream It, Be It is a free program that connects young girls in 9th through 12th grades with the resources to live their dreams. This includes education planning and mentoring by professional role models to help them develop their long-term career goals.

The Dream It, Be It conference is organized by a joint committee made up of members of Soroptimist International of Three Rivers and Soroptimist International of Pasco-Kennewick. The curriculum covers areas where girls need knowledge and skills to realize their dreams and can be applied to any goals they identify throughout their education and careers. The conference covers topics such as Discovering Your Dreams, Exploring Careers, Creating Achievable Goals, Rising Above Obstacles, Turning Failure into Success and Putting Dreams into Action.

To learn more, watch this video.

Email us with any questions or if you'd like an information packet about our Dream It, Be It conferences.

in partnership with the
Boys and Girls Club

SMART Girls is a program that SI3R sponsors in partnerships with the B&G Club of Benton & Franklin Counties. This program is a weekly series that teaches 4th through 6th grade girls about issues related to health, fitness, prevention/education, and self-esteem enhancement. Our members help to mentor these girls as they enter their adolescent years and answer questions that might be tough for them to talk about with family and friends. We also emphasize the importance of self-care, developing positive relationships, and dealing with peer pressure. The girls are often inspired by our conversations, and we can agree that the feeling is mutual! To learn more about SMART Girls, please visit the Boys & Girls Club website, here.

STOP Trafficking

We partnered with our neighboring club, SIPK, to form the Tri-Cities Soroptimist Against Trafficking (TCSAT) committee. Human trafficking is a world-wide problem that has impacted many communities, including our own. We are working to raise awareness of this issue and combat trafficking at a local level in an effort to change things at a global level. TCSAT provides resources to the community through teaching prevention and empowerment to our youth, providing education and seminars to our first responders and health professionals to identify and help victims, and by developing methods through which victims can find and utilize resources. To learn more or schedule a presentation for your group, contact us here

In addition to these flagship projects, we also take on smaller projects and programs based on community need. In the past, we have raised and donated funds to support community resource centers, academic institutions, and other non-profits that support initiatives that align with our mission of helping women and girls to be their best.