Let Your Friends & Family Know You Love Them

Surprise Someone For The Fun Of It! ​

Our flock of beautiful pink flamingos loves to find temporary homes in the Tri-Cities area. Their stay lasts only 48 hours. ​ When you nominate someone to get flocked, our flamingos make sure your recipient knows why their yard was chosen - the flock is always accompanied by a letter with all the pertinent information! We won't ever tell the recipient who sent the cute flamingos (unless you want them to know) but they will know all the details about the flock's short stay … and how to get them to leave! After the flocking, your nominee has the opportunity to pay it forward and have someone else’s yard become the next temporary home! Plus, they're donating to a great cause!

To nominate someone who may love a visit from our flock of flamingos, please visit our Flock A Yard Fundraiser page and complete the form. An SI3R representative will contact you to schedule your flock (limited to yards in the Tri-Cities area).